what to ask at speed dating events

The 10 Commandments of Speed Dating No. 6

Jenni Tips & Advice

Ask questions

It might sound silly and like we’re stating the obvious but knowing what to ask at speed dating events is a key part of success. But don’t ask just any questions…

“How are you?” “It’s a nice day, isn’t it?” These questions, although polite and perfectly legitimate “small talk” when you meet someone for the first time, just aren’t going to cut it on a three minute speed date. You need to use this time wisely to find out as much as you can about your date.

Like anything, we suggest you do some prep work before a speed dating event. You should think about what’s important to you in a potential date and what would sway you into seeing someone again. Start by thinking about your own values, then think of some questions that might help you suss this out in others. If you know you have a certain type or you have some deal breakers, ask questions to determine this. Whilst we don’t recommend dismissing someone because they don’t fit your usual model, it is important to establish compatibility quickly.

We don’t want you to get too concerned about what questions to ask, we just think it’s worth gathering your thoughts ahead of the night so you’ve got a little agenda or plan in your head. Three minutes is not long and will be over before you know! Make the most of each date and find out as much as you can. If he hates cats and you have three of them, it’s not going to work is it? If you love fine dining or foreign travel and she isn’t into food or is scared of flying, you could do with knowing this early on. Try laying out your top 3 loves and hates, and ask them for theirs, this should help you make some decisions. Ask some follow up questions if you need more clarification.

Remember to listen and leave time to answer their questions.

To help you out, we’ve come up with our own fun questions and unique feature, Chatterbox! These handy little cue cards are placed on every table at our speed dating events for you to use during your dates. Find out more about Chatterbox…

If you’ve not been speed dating before and have any questions about the format, what to expect or how to prepare, please email us at enquiries@boymeetsgirlspeeddating.co.uk or call 07731 700 770.