Speed dating help

The 10 Commandments of Speed Dating No. 9

Jenni Tips & Advice

Enjoy yourself and the experience

Speed dating isn’t supposed to be a chore. It should be fun, and with Boy Meets Girl Speed Dating, it is!

Like anything new, if you’re trying speed dating for the first time, you will understandably have a few nerves. Given the nature of speed dating is to judge one another can only add to those nerves and feelings of self-doubt but don’t let that be all you think about it.

Focus on why you have chosen to come speed dating in the first place; to meet new people and hopefully someone special. That’s only going to happen if you are yourself and at your best and not a bag of nerves. We believe the key is preparation. Buy a new shirt, get your hair done, wear you favourite fragrance, make some notes. Whatever it is that will give you a boost and make you feel more confident is well worth doing.

Arrive early and give yourself time to settle in and see everyone else arrive. Start chatting to people to take away the nerves. Smile, laugh, joke. Be open, honest and genuine.

No one has forced you to come speed dating. You’ve come to try something new, to enjoy yourself and have fun. Speed dating can be a numbers game so don’t expect the Earth. You’re not going to match with everyone, and it could take a few attempts to find your rhythm but throw yourself in, relax¬†and enjoy the experience.

If you have never been speed dating before and have any questions about the format, what to expect or any speed dating help or advice, please email us at enquiries@boymeetsgirlspeeddating.co.uk or call 07731 700 770.