What is Speed Dating?

Speed Dating in itself is not a new concept and originated from Los Angeles in the late 1990s. From the US it moved onto the London scene in the early 2000s and expanded its prescence into other cities and towns around the country further into the decade and now is common in most cities in the UK.

Its goal is to bring single people together to meet other singles in a safe environment and hopefully from there generate dates and meetings that can ultimately lead to long term relationships and marriages.

The basic idea of the evening is that within a group of speed daters all men will speak to all women in a series of short fun dates and from here those attending can decide whether they would like to see each person again or not. If two people (a guy and a girl) feel the same and like one another then a match is made and from here contact details are exchanged (email address or phone number) soon after the night has ended.

It is then upto the two speed daters who matched to contact one another to say hi or chat and maybe to arrange a further date.

It also is a fantastic environment to make new friends as all the people at an event are like minded, single people.

At Boy Meets Girl Speed Dating our take on speed dating is even more effective in developing new relationships and friendships offering a unique dating experience that is all about fun, a good night out and no pressure whatsoever other than to enjoy the event and the surroundings and maybe meet someone special.

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