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The 10 Commandments of Speed Dating No. 7

Jenni Tips & Advice

Don’t drink too much

– for obvious reasons!

We honestly can’t stress this enough. We want you to have fun and feel relaxed and a little Dutch courage can help, but don’t over do it. It’s not a good first impression and we want you to remember our speed dating night, not regret it.

We’re not being party poopers, but what’s the point? What is being drunk going to achieve? You’re just wasting your own time and that of your dates.

Imagine turning up for a job interview, or any sort of appointment drunk… You just wouldn’t do it would you? The same applies to speed dating. We’re not saying speed dating is as formal as a meeting with your bank manager but you want to bring your ‘A-game’: be alert, engaged, responsive and genuine. All of which are compromised with too much alcohol.

We’re not saying don’t have a drink, just take it easy. One before, one during and one afterwards is a nice patter in our opinion. A drink before can settle the nerves and having something in your hands stops you feeling awkard. A drink taken into the speed dating can be sipped on in a (hopefully non-existant!) moment of silence, can keep your throat lubricated if you suffer from a nervous dry mouth, and even be a conversation starter (“What’s your favourite drink?”, “What are drinking? That looks interesting.”, “I see you’re a red wine/beer drinker, what’s you favourite grape/brewer?”).

This said, let’s not get too bogged down with drinking. You’re at a speed dating event to meet new people and a potential love interest, not to get wasted. If you want to do that, there are plenty of other bars, pubs and events for you to attend instead.

If you have never been speed dating before and have any questions about speed dating etiquette, the format of the night and what to expect, please email us at enquiries@boymeetsgirlspeeddating.co.uk or call 07731 700 770.