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As stated in Our Vision, we aim to bring single people together to make new friends and form relationships.

It’s this emphasis on a place to¬†meet new people that we’re especially proud of and is what, we believe, makes us different to other speed dating companies.

Yes, the 3 minute speed dating format is important and what our events are all about but providing a safe environment to meet other like-minded people is key.

We believe the open mingling and social aspect of our speed dating events help eleviate the apprehension many people feel. It’s important to us for you to arrive at one of our events and immediately feel relaxed. By encouraging open chatter from the off, there’s no standing around like a spare part; you’ll be straight into socialising mode.

Meeting and introducing yourself ahead of the one-on-one dates gives you the opportunity to break the ice with your fellow speed daters. This means you can use your 3 minutes more wisely by using what you’ve learned in the group mingle to start the conversation.

You may also find some new friends, and better still, some like minded friends who get where you’re coming from and who you can share best practice and previous speed dating experiences. You could even bag yourself a speed dating buddy who you can go to future events with!

There are many advantages to the format of our speed dating nights, providing a great platform to meet new people and make the most of those 3 minute dates.

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