have fun speed dating

The 10 Commandments of Speed Dating No. 3

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Have fun speed dating

Above all else, we want you to have fun at a Boy Meets Girl Speed Dating event. If you’re not having fun and enjoying yourself, what’s the point?

We understand you’ll have a few nerves but speed dating isn’t a job interview. Yes, you’ll want to make a good first impression, give the right answers and highlight your personality but making a ‘match’ with everyone you meet isn’t what our nights are about. In fact, that’s going to be damn near impossible as everyone has different attributes they look for in a love interest.

All we ask is that you come to have fun and have a laugh. Don’t take it too seriously.

We do all we can to make our speed dating nights fun and eliminate any awkwardness. The first hour of our events are all about mingling and chatting amongst one another. This is an important part of the night as it helps break the ice and make everyone relax. We believe you’ll then go into the structured 3 minute speed dating part of the night with confidence.

We hope you’ll find at least one ‘match’ at a Boy Meets Girl Speed Dating event but remember, whatever happens, it’s not the end of the world. It’s supposed to be fun and about having a laugh.

Have an open mind, enjoy yourself and see what happens….

If you have never been speed dating before and have any questions about the format and what to expect, please email us at enquiries@boymeetsgirlspeeddating.co.uk or call 07731 700 770.