how to act when speed dating

The 10 Commandments of Speed Dating No. 2

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Be yourself when speed dating

You will struggle to find a good match if you try to be someone you’re not and you don’t want to come across as fake. Relax and be proud of who you are.

There can be a temptation to put on a front or over play who you really are during your 3 minute speed dates. This is usally down to nerves and wanting to make a good first impression. Agreeing and nodding along is easier than any awkwardness that might result from not understanding or grasping what your date is talking about. Trying to big yourself up to make yourself seem more outgoing or into something your aren’t will also have its pitfalls.

Both of these scenarios might initially work and result in a “match” or a number of matches being made on the night but if this is based on false information a follow up date is never going to go well. Don’t make the process more difficult for yourself; just be yourself!

Your dates will appreciate this too – you don’t want to waste their time and make them believe you are someone you’re not.

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