Terms & Conditions

Our speed dating Terms and Conditions for Boy Meets Girl Speed Dating Limited are applicable for each booking

1. Acknowledgement of Terms

1.1 The terms and conditions (“the Terms”) set out below shall apply to any speed dating or any other event or services arranged or provided by Boy Meets Girl Speed Dating Limited (“BMG”) and are to be read in conjunction with the booking form completed through the BMG website (the “Booking”).

1.2 The Booking for an event with BMG (“Event”) is an acceptance of the Terms and an acknowledgement on your part that you have the personal capacity to enter into an agreement with BMG for the services provided.

1.3 You confirm that you have correctly completed the Booking and that you are single and eligible to attend the Event in the age category you have indicated on the Booking.

2. The Services

2.1 The Services offered by BMG are set out on the BMG website at www.boymeetsgirlspeeddating.co.uk and as more particularly described on the Booking.

2.2 BMG is not a matchmaking service, but is offering the opportunity for you to meet other individuals (referred to as “Guests”) in a safe, comfortable and relaxed environment at an Event arranged by BMG.

2.3 At an Event you shall be introduced to a number of Guests through the speed dating process. If both you and the Guest indicate on the form completed at an Event that you wish to communicate or meet with each other after the Event (a “Match”), BMG shall provide the Match with your personal details (i.e. email address and/or telephone number) to facilitate this.

2.4 If at an Event or following an Event you choose to meet or communicate with a Guest you have met at an Event (but not chosen as a Match), any personal information you provide to them shall be at your own risk.

2.5 BMG shall retain any personal information you provide in accordance with the Data Protection Acts (and in accordance with the Privacy Policy) and shall not, without your prior consent, disclose your personal information to any third party (other than a Match in accordance with clause 2.3 above). Such personal information shall be used only in accordance with clause 2.3 or for the purpose of informing you of any future events.

3. Venue and Events

3.1 All bookings for an Event shall be through the Booking completed through the Website, which shall set out the details and arrangements for the Event (including dress code for each venue).

3.2 Each Booking shall be confirmed by way of a confirmatory email from BMG to each Guest (“Confirmatory Email”). The Confirmatory Email shall only be sent when the payment for the Event (the “Booking Fee”) has been received from you.

3.3 Payment for an Event shall be through the Website and no other form of payment shall be accepted.

3.4 BMG shall use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that each Event is held at the advertised venue on the published date and time. However, BMG reserves the right to change the venue and date of any Event.

3.5 If there is any change to the venue or a time of any Event or an Event is postponed or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be notified in advance by email of any change (the “Notification Email”). BMG will endeavour to give as much notice as possible of any change. If you are unable to attend the rearranged Event, you should notify BMG by email within 72 hours of receipt of the Notification Email.

3.6 If BMG cancel an Event, you will receive a full refund of the Booking Fee.

3.7 If you are unable to attend an Event due to any change in venue or time we will, upon receipt of an email from you for a request for a refund (to be received no later than 7 days following receipt by you of the Notification Email), refund the Booking Fee in full or will provide to you a credit to attend a future BMG event free of charge.

3.8 Save as set out in clause 3.6, the Booking Fee is non-refundable. However, if you cancel not less than 5 days before an Event, BMG shall provide a credit for you to attend a future BMG event free of charge.

3.9 All Guests are required to attend an Event on time and whilst BMG will try to accommodate you, failure to attend on time may result in you being unable to participate in the speed dating.

3.10 BMG shall use its reasonable efforts to ensure that at each Event the mix of male to female guests within each age category is as equal as possible. At each Event, BMG shall guarantee a minimum of 7 dates but no more than 20 dates. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, 7 dates is not possible, you will be given credit to attend a future BMG event free of charge.

3.11 BMG and/or the owners of the venue reserve the right to refuse your entry or to remove you from an Event in circumstances where your dress code or your behaviour is regarded as being unacceptable.

3.12 Any contact with any Guest at an Event shall be your personal responsibility and you are required to act in an appropriate matter, which should be neither offensive nor rude. If you have any issues with any Guest at an Event, this should be immediately notified to a BMG member of staff, who will deal with the situation.

3.13 Following an Event, BMG will use all reasonable endeavours to notify you by email of your Matches within 24 hours. Any further communication or contact with any Match or Guest should be direct and no communication with a Match or Guest shall be made through BMG other than at a BMG Event.

4. Responsibility and Liability

4.1 BMG have any responsibility for any matter arising after an Event should you choose to contact or meet any Match or Guest.

4.2 BMG shall not be responsible for any personal injury or any other damage or loss which you may suffer arising out of any meeting with a Guest at an Event or with a Match or a Guest after an Event.

4.3 BMG will only accept liability where such personal injury is a direct result of any negligence on the part of BMG in the provision of the Services.

5. General

5.1 In the event you have any complaints concerning the Services provided by BMG, please email enquiries@boymeetsgirlspeeddating.co.uk and your complaint shall be dealt with within 10 working days.

5.2 The Booking and Terms shall be subject to English law and any dispute shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.